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Sam Madison and Marti Monroe are ex-FBI agents. A lawyer contacts them about finding a missing man who they classify as a security risk. The job sounds suspicious, since the unknown client didn’t go through the FBI to find the man. They decide to find the missing man and then find out why he is a security risk. When they do find him, he is clutching a laptop computer. They find he is not a security risk; he is a programmer. What is on the laptop is the problem - a sophisticated wiretapping program called Pandora’s Box. It targets a specific list of telephone numbers and then it prints out their conversations.

Three men eliminate the programmer, but Sam and Marti know enough to go on the hunt to find out who is behind the wiretapping. And, they have the programmer’s laptop. While they don’t know who all of the targeted telephone numbers belong to, one they do figure out. And, that changes the case.

It becomes a desperate hunt, to not only find who is behind the wiretapping, but also shut the scheme down. What they do find surprises them.

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Marcie and her ex-cop friend, Rachael, go to Los Angeles to help out a college friend who has been accused of murder. From the start, they realize something is wrong. Their friend is living way above his means, from the expensive condo to the car he drives. In his condo, they find a secret room, which contains ancient artifacts. That begins their search to find out what he has been doing for the past two years. They are hampered by the police, who seem to think they are a part of whatever they believe their friend is involved in. Then it becomes a race: to save the artifacts and to find out who is behind it.

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Captain John Murphy begins his final flight home from London. There are only six passengers on the plane. A storm is coming, but they are just about over the storm when the signal from the plane falls off the radar.

James Fitzpatrick works for FEMA. He loves his job, hates his boss. He thinks he can do a better job, so he goes on a mission to show him up. And get even with him.

Maggie Connor is a police detective on a mandatory leave. She retreats to her parents home. Across the ravine from her house, is a house that used to be a bed and breakfast, but it closed years ago. Then she sees the light on at the back of the house.

Matt Palmer and Colin McWilliams are with the FBI. They are assigned to find out what happened to the missing plane. It is found in Eastern Canada, but there is no one on the plane. Except the two dead bodies of men who weren’t supposed to be on the flight.

Maggie knows something is going on at the house across the ravine. She saw a mini-bus arrive and several people got off. Then she doesn’t see them anymore. When she hears about the missing plane and the missing flight crew, she knows where they are. Then she sees someone else arrive. Someone who shouldn’t be there. She begins to fear for the safety of the flight crew. She has to do something, so she calls the FBI. Will they get here in time, or will she have to stop what is about to happen?

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Marcie Jackson is a new state police detective. Her first case brings her back in contact with the same men who had murdered her fiance. But something more is going on. Not only does she have to put up with her partner and an arrogant city homicide detective, she has to find out why people are getting murdered. What she finds not only surprises her, but also puts her in danger.

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Marcie Jackson is sent to southern Indiana to help the local police department solve the murder of a young college student. The young woman is part of a group of five friends. And she should have been at college. Why wasn't she? One by one, each of the friends is found around town, murdered. The Medical Examiner can't find a cause. Only toxicology will find what is killing the girls. Once the cause is found, Marcie and her partner, a detective with the local police department, have to find the source and the killer. Can they find the killer in time? Can they save the last girl?

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Marcie Jackson is sent out to solve the murder of a female real estate broker. The clues she finds sends her in another direction. Her new boss is on her case and the FBI wants to know what she has found. She can't seem to get away from them so she can work the case, so she takes off and works the case undercover. What she finds is are those who used the real estate office to cover the gun trade they are involved in. Marcie, along with her friend Rachael, to find those behind it and end up finding an even bigger surprise.

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Marcie Jackson, now a private investigator, is on a new case. At the home of her late great-aunt, she learns of the mystery of a missing young woman, who had previously lived in the same house as her great-aunt. She is hired to find out what happened. Bodies begin showing up in the backyard and she finds the brutal crime scene in the attic. Even though the murders took place twenty years ago, the killers are still out there. Marcie finds clues, but even they don't all make sense. She is missing something. Can she find the missing clue before the killer leaves forever, with the best piece of evidence?

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